Evaluation is critical in informing policy. It is key to ensuring that we learn the lessons of past efforts, strive to maximise value for money, and enhance delivery success in the future.

We work for clients in the UK (at national and local levels) and internationally on assignments spanning the evaluation process. These include interim and final evaluations, and process, impact and economic evaluations of a range of programmes and policies. In addition, we provide advice on evaluation methodologies and frameworks, support the development and implementation of monitoring systems, and carry out syntheses of existing evidence.

Our approaches to evaluation draw on our knowledge of relevant guidance and good practice, and are informed by current debates within the evaluation community. We do not focus exclusively on any particular methodology; rather we recognise that the most appropriate evaluation design is dependent on the intervention and its context. We are institutional members of the UK Evaluation Society and contribute to debates on evaluation practice through engagement with clients and practitioners within the policy arena.

We undertake evaluation across the range of our expertise. This breadth is one of our strengths: it enables us to draw learning from different contexts; it means that we can transfer evaluation practice across domains; and it equips us to work in an integrated way.