1. Mapping London's Science and Technology Sectors
    Oct 2015

    The Greater London Authority has published SQW’s research into London’s science and technology sectors, and the areas where agencies could work to boost the industries
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  2. SEND Pathfinder Programme Evaluation Final Report
    Jul 2015

    The Department for Education has published SQW’s report evaluating the Special Education Needs and Disabilities Pathfinders. The Pathfinder programme covered 31 local authorities who sought to bring together education, social care and health partners to improve the system through which support is provided to families
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  3. Evaluation of the Sustainable Productivity Programme
    Feb 2015

    Invest NI has published SQW's impact and process evaluation of the first two years of the Sustainable Productivity Programme. The programme was designed to improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of businesses in Northern Ireland
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  4. Non-Financial Benefits of the Commercialisation Activities of Ploughshare Innovations Ltd.
    Jan 2015

    The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), a trading fund agency of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), has published SQW's report into the non-financial benefits of the commercial licensing of its intellectual property
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  5. The Pareto Principle: The Importance of the Vital Few in Business Support Programmes
    Nov 2013

    The 80-20 Pareto rule has been applied widely to highlight the importance of the 'vital few', for example in quality control. In this think-piece, we test the rule in the benefits from business and innovation support programmes.
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