Assessment of the Economic and Wider Benefits of Ploughshare's Commercialisation Activities

Client: Ploughshare Innovations

The Defence science and technology laboratory (Dstl) supplies specialist services to the UK Ministry of Defence while also supporting the commercialisation of related research through the Technology Transfer Company, Ploughshare Innovations Limited. In 2014 SQW was commissioned by Dstl to assess the economic and wider benefits of the commercialisation activities of Dstl, including through Ploughshare. The report, Non-Financial Benefits of Ploughshare Innovations Ltd was published in January 2015. Following this, SQW was tasked with providing an update of this assessment in 2017.

The update covered the economic benefits of the commercialisation activities, the wider benefits of the new technologies to civilian and defence markets, and the benefits to Dstl from enhanced industry relationships and the skills and experiences of its research staff. To assess these issues, the study involved collecting and analysing data on a group of spin-out companies and licences in order to estimate the economic benefits. This was supported by a selection of case studies which illustrated the wider benefits of the technologies that had been commercialised by Dstl, and the benefits accumulated by Dstl in the process.

The final report, Assessment of the Economic and Wider Benefits of Ploughshare Innovations Ltd's Commercialisation Activities, was published in April 2017.