SQW appointed as part of the new Homes England Strategic Research and Economic Analysis Framework

We are delighted to announce that SQW has been appointed to be part of the new Strategic Research and Economic Analysis Framework which has been set up by Homes England.

Our appointment reflects the range of work that we have been undertaking over recent years, particularly since BBP Regeneration became part of SQW. Different projects have drawn on the expertise of our RICS-accredited Land and Property Team and our in-depth knowledge of both evaluation methods and approaches and Green Book-compliant appraisal techniques. They have also been founded on our experience of stimulating sustainable and effective forms of local economic growth within new communities.

Over many years our team has worked with Homes England on major business cases – for schemes ranging from the Northern Arc at Burgess Hill to Millbay Docks in Plymouth and the Chalgrove Airfield site in Oxfordshire. We have designed and delivered major evaluations including, recently, in relation to the Land Assembly Fund. We have also prepared economic and enterprise strategies for major new developments across England. Some of these have been delivered with our sister company, Oxford Innovation, thereby ensuring that practical experience of delivering local provision for innovation and enterprise is ‘designed in’ from the outset and that new communities can be outstanding places in which to work as well as to live.

Looking forward, we will continue to work with Homes England – and other organisations that choose to use the Framework – in addressing national and local priorities. Alongside the continuing delivery of outstanding housing schemes, these will include a broader commitment to levelling up, to achieving significant environmental outcomes and to designing highly sustainable and healthy places. These are among SQW’s key specialisms. As we navigate a period of profound change and uncertainty for communities across the UK (during/post-COVID and post-Brexit), we will seek to work with Homes England and other clients to support the design, appraisal and evaluation of exemplary projects and programmes.