Informing an evaluation of UKRI Studentship Investments

UKRI and its seven disciplinary Research Councils will spend over £2bn between 2022 and 2025 on talent development. A key part of this is investment in UKRI Studentships, which fund doctoral students' training.

UKRI has appointed SQW to lead a project to develop an overarching theory of change and evaluation framework to enable UKRI to better understand, measure and demonstrate the value of its investment in studentships. The work will involve close engagement with UKRI's talent team and talent leads from individual Research Councils via whom the funding is delivered, a review of existing data and the identification of evidence gaps, and an assessment of potential counterfactual and theory-based approaches to evaluation.

The study is an important part of UKRI's wider 'Collective Talent' initiative which aims to harmonise investment across talent interventions, making it easier to work across disciplines and the overall research and innovation system.

For further details, please contact Joe Duggett, SQW Director, via or Will Millard, SQW Project Manager via