November 2017

Process Evaluation of Innovate UK's Catalyst Programmes

Innovate UK, in partnership with BEIS, DFID, BBRSC and EPRSC, has invested £220m in the Agri-Tech, Industrial Biotechnology and Energy Catalyst Programmes since their inception in 2013/14, with the aim of accelerating the translation of UK research into commercial products and services.

SQW has been commissioned to undertake a process evaluation of the three Catalyst Programmes. The evaluation will explore the effectiveness of delivery to date, and the extent to which processes are supporting or inhibiting routes to future impacts. It will also provide recommendations on how the different Catalyst models could be harmonised and how Innovate UK and the Research Councils could work together more effectively in future. This is particularly important in the context of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and the forthcoming creation of UK Research and Innovation. The evaluation will involve consultations with management and delivery partners, successful and unsuccessful applicants and sector/technology representatives, alongside an analysis of programme documents and monitoring data, and a review of good practice from elsewhere.

If you would like to know more about the evaluation please contact Jonathan Cook.