1. Social Prescribing and the Potential of Historic England’s Local Delivery
    Apr 2020

    Social prescribing continues to gain increasing prominence and importance in policy and practice. SQW has been commissioned by Historic England to undertake a study to explore Historic England’s work relating to wellbeing outcomes, and to identify potential social prescribing opportunities.
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  2. Developing Advanced Teacher Status for experienced FE practitioners
    Mar 2020

    Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) is the badge of advanced professional practice and mastery in further education and training. SQW is working with the Education and Training Foundation and the Society for Education and Training to ensure that ATS is positioned as the gold standard in teaching in the FE and training sector.
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  3. Evaluating practitioner research in Further Education
    Oct 2019

    The ETF has commissioned SQW to evaluate its Practitioner Research Programme between 2018 and 2020. The programme is delivered in partnership with the University of Sunderland (SUNCETT) and is available to practitioners across England working in the Further Education and Training sector.
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  4. SQW appointed to evaluate the Northern Ireland Innovation Vouchers programme
    Jun 2019

    Invest Northern Ireland’s Innovation Voucher Programme supports SMEs to develop innovative solutions to enhance their growth and competitiveness, with the support of public sector Knowledge Providers. Following our earlier work evaluating the programme in 2014, SQW has been commissioned to undertake a final evaluation of Phase II and an interim evaluation of Phase III of the programme.
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