Realising the benefits of personalised care

Personalised care is increasingly prominent in the UK’s health and social care landscape. What do we know about its benefits, and what are the issues that policy makers and service deliverers need to consider in designing and delivering personalised care approaches?

Joining SQW Director and podcast host Joe Duggett to discuss the these issues are Lauren Roberts and Sarah Brown, SQW experts in health and social care research and evaluation.

The podcast covers issues including the importance of:

  • Taking a systems perspective to understand the role of personalised approaches in the wider health and social care landscape
  • Understanding the implications for the roles and experiences for both staff and service users in moving to a mindset of “what matters to you” rather than “what’s the matter with you”
  • Thinking hard about different types of, and routes to, impact and how these can be captured and evidenced effectively.​​​​​