Strategy development and action planning that delivers lasting change and impact for places, sectors and communities is a core part of SQW's offer. We work regularly on strategy development with cities, city-regions, and rural areas, and bring wide experience in framing strategy efforts in functional economic areas crossing traditional administrative boundaries.

In all our strategy work, we place an emphasis on extracting insight from the data ensuring that analyses not only characterise positions, but explain why these are as they are. This is vital so that strategy and action plan efforts are directed at those things that can be directly changed and influenced.Strategy_-_SQW.jpgCollaborative working with the public and private sectors is a hallmark of our approach.  We know that to achieve plans that make a difference, it is vital to secure buy-in and genuine commitment from the key stakeholders. At its best, getting the process right delivers long-term commitment, ensuring the choices made are understood, owned, and embraced by all partners.

Project Examples