Edinburgh 2020 Tourism Strategy Review

Client: Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG)

Edinburgh 2020: The Edinburgh Tourism Strategy was launched in January 2012. The strategy and associated three-year action plan was prepared by the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG), and brought together leading industry players and public agencies to deliver a strategy with the ambition to:

  • increase the number of visits to the city by one third by 2020
  • increase the average spending of visitors to the city by 10% by 2020
  • reduce seasonality across the sector

In 2015, SQW was commissioned by ETAG to undertake a mid-term review of the Strategy and produce a new Action Plan for 2016-20. The purpose was to review progress on the delivery of the Strategy; consider changes in the wider market environment; and make evidence-based decisions on any changes required.

This work involved a combination of desk-based analysis of data, competitors' strategies and plans, consultations, focus groups and action planning to prepare a review that was clear, achievable and carried the support of the sector in the City. The study considered the continuing relevance of the targets and priorities that were set out in 2012 and reviewed the performance of the tourism market and wider economic trends, as well as the performance of the destination. It looked at what has been delivered, the lessons that have been learned about leadership and delivery, and has prioritised the key actions between now and 2020.

The Edinburgh 2020 Tourism Strategy Mid-Term Review is available to download here.