Economic Impact of Closures at Michelin and JTI Gallaher

Client: Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

In late 2014, JTI Gallaher announced it would be restructuring its global operations including the closure of the Ballymena factory by 2017, with the loss of 870 jobs. A year later, Michelin stated it would also be closing its Ballymena factory by 2018 resulting in 820 job losses by the closure is complete in 2018.

In 2016, SQW was commissioned by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, on behalf of the Mid and East Antrim Manufacturing Task Force, to undertake an Economic Impact Assessment of the closures of JTI Gallaher and Michelin. The purpose of the study was to provide the Task Force with a robust assessment of the quantitative and qualitative impact of the closures of two of Mid and East Antrim's most important private sector employers

Our impact assessment quantified the direct, indirect and induced impact for the Mid and East Antrim and Northern Ireland economies. The study involved undertaking an Economic Impact Assessment of the closures, as measured in terms of Gross Value Added and employment, and assessing the qualitative impact by conducting consultations with stakeholders and key local suppliers. The findings from the study were used by the Mid and East Antrim Manufacturing Task Force to lobby the Northern Ireland Executive and its agencies for additional support.