Wave 3 Science and Innovation Audits published

In 2015, the UK Government launched a programme of Science and Innovation Audits (SIAs) to catalyse a new approach to sub-national economic development. SIAs provide a process through which local consortia analyse their strengths in science and innovation, and evidence specific areas of existing or emerging excellence of national or international significance. It is expected that the identified priority growth areas and supporting evidence will be used to frame future policy developments and targeted investment proposals.

Having supported eight SIAs across Waves 1 and 2, as well as two SIAs outside the formal government sponsored process, SQW supported three Wave 3 SIAs: Precision Medicine in Scotland, London Knowledge Quarter, and the South Wales Crucible.

Precision Medicine is, broadly speaking, the tailoring of medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. SQW managed the SIA process on behalf of the University of Glasgow and its partners and undertook various strands of research. These included a data and document review, stakeholder consultations, producing case studies and writing the SIA report. SQW also presented at a Precision Medicine Summit in September 2018, which included Scotland's First Minister as keynote speaker.

The Knowledge Quarter is an emerging innovation district within a mile of King's Cross station in central London. It has a sizeable concentration of scientific and cultural assets linked to organisations like The Francis Crick Institute, British Library and Alan Turing Institute, some major universities (notably UCL, City and RVC) and high profile businesses (e.g. Google, Benevolent AI). SQW supported the Knowledge Quarter partners in developing the SIA which focused on three themes: life sciences, cultural collections, and data sciences. As an emerging innovation district, this SIA considered the nature and extent of "weak ties" within, between and beyond these specialisms. It also examined the extent to which assets within KQ are delivering economic impacts elsewhere in the UK.

SQW also supported the South Wales Crucible consortium, working across four universities and two city regions. The SIA's focus was on steel innovation, smart manufacturing, health innovation, and agri-tech. SQW analysed data, provided process support, and developed the SIA document which was submitted to BEIS.

The Wave 3 SIA reports can be found here. For more information please contact Luke Delahunty or Christine Doel.