The Covid-19 Unemployment Problem: Learning lessons to make the response effective

Covid-19 will lead to a major increase in unemployment.  The challenges of this marked rise in unemployment could have distinct forms across different parts of the labour market and sectors of the economy. What we can be sure of is that unemployment is going to rise and so any response needs to be done with urgency and therefore without perfect foresight. 

SQW has worked in this area for many years and is currently: evaluating the Work and Health programmes across London and Greater Manchester; evaluating a series of projects funded by the Government Equalities Office to support returners (who have been out of work due to caring responsibilities) back to work; and supporting the National Careers Service to identify good practice.

We have drawn on this experience to highlight a series of insights which could help to improve the effectiveness of different responses in the coming months. The Viewpoint is available to download here.