Working Well Annual Evaluation Report

The latest Annual Evaluation Report for Greater Manchester's Working Well programmes has been published. Working Well provides support to long term unemployed residents of Greater Manchester to move into work. This support includes one to one advice along with specific interventions to address barriers to work, which can include health, skills and housing. Starting as the Working Well: Pilot in 2014 to support 5,000 people, the Working Well: Expansion programme was launched in 2016 to support a further 15,000 people, followed by the launch of the Working Well: Work and Health Programme in 2018 to support 23,000 people. The Work and Health Programme is an England and Wales-wide programme but the Greater Manchester programme is one of five areas with devolved responsibility for design and delivery, alongside the four Greater London programmes which SQW is also evaluating.

SQW was commissioned to undertake a longitudinal evaluation of the Working Well programmes starting in 2014. This year's Annual Report is the fifth produced by SQW and the first to focus on the Working Well: Work and Health Programme. It finds that the three programmes have supported nearly 21,000 clients, 4,400 of whom have moved into work so far. The report used econometric analysis to understand the key factors determining a person's likelihood of leaving a job and of sustaining employment. It also includes a deep-dive into how the programmes have integrated with the local support ecosystem to deliver personalised, holistic and sequenced support. The Working Well evaluation is planned to run for a further five years.

The Annual Evaluation Report can be downloaded here, and more information about the programme is available here. For more information regarding the evaluation of the Working Well programmes, including the Working Well: Work and Health Programme evaluation, please contact SQW's Project Director Graham Thom.