The Evolution of The High-Performance Technology and Motorsport Cluster

Client: MEPC

A group of partners led by MEPC commissioned SQW to investigate the existence and character of the High-Performance Technology and Motorsport (HPTM) cluster within an hour's radius of Silverstone. The study was completed between August 2015 and May 2016.

SQW’s work relied on a largely qualitative methodology involving consultations with businesses - from F1 teams through to suppliers and collaborators - and also associated institutions. SQW investigated relationships within and between firms and other organisations and sought to map the cluster, to understand how it is changing and to identify key issues for the future.

The report concluded that the HPTM cluster is continuing to evolve around Silverstone. It embraces two elements that overlap significantly but are at different stages of maturity:

  • The cluster is “mature” in relation to motorsport and it continues to adapt and to demonstrate global competitive advantage as global motorsport evolves spatially (e.g. into China and South America) and in response to regulatory change
  • The cluster is “developing” in relation to mainstream high performance technology. This has growth potential in the context of a fast-emerging industrial paradigm, driven by regulatory changes in the ambit of carbon emissions and big data, and focused around cleaner/greener, low carbon and energy efficient products and solutions. In taking this fully into the mainstream – of automotive, aerospace, marine, defence, medical devices, sensors, etc. – the potential is vast.

SQW’s work helped identify opportunities to support further growth of the cluster and proposed an “Agenda for Action” to realise this potential.

The Evolution of the High-Performance Technology and Motorsport Cluster Summary Report available to download here.