Economic Analysis of the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Corridor

Client: National Infrastructure Commission.

SQW worked alongside Cambridge Econometrics to complete an economic analysis of the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Corridor in a major piece of work for the National Infrastructure Commission.

Through the study, we developed an economic framework. This was built essentially around agglomeration processes across knowledge-based economies in a corridor context. We then sought to populate and test the framework, drawing both on quantitative data analysis and projections, and on a number of in-depth case studies. The latter sought to explore the process of growth and to consider how different constraints to growth have been overcome, both historically within the Corridor and through reference to international comparative examples.

Our report provided part of the evidence base which informed the National Infrastructure Commission's Interim Report on the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Corridor.

Download the report: Economic Analysis of the Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Northampton Growth Corridor