Scottish Learner Journey

Client: Scottish Government

SQW, in partnership with Young Scot, was commissioned by the Scottish Government to carry out in-depth research into young people's experiences of the education and training system in Scotland. The study involved four main stages:

  1. A document review of existing and relevant data, evidence and research
  2. The establishment of an Insights Panel of 12 young people aged between 17 and 23 who helped to co-design the research and provided input and guidance throughout
  3. A series of 3-hour workshops through March and April 2017 delivered across Scotland with young people aged 15-24
  4. An 'Insights Lab' one-day engagement event, held in May 2017, which brought together 45 young people and 11 policy officials from the Scottish Government

Overall, a total of 210 young people were engaged from a broad range of backgrounds. The final report contained a series of recommendations for consideration by the Scottish Government and wider stakeholders working in the education and training sector in Scotland. The report can be downloaded here.