External Evaluation of the Girls Education Challenge

Client: Camfed Tanzania and Camfed Zimbabwe

In early 2013, Camfed International obtained funding from the Department for International Development (DFID) under the Girls Education Challenge (GEC) Fund, which is aimed at helping some of the world's poorest girls improve their lives through education.

SQW were commissioned by Camfed to provide expert support on two GEC interventions in Africa:

  • Zimbabwe and Tanzania: In early 2013, Camfed Interntional obtained funding from DFID under the GEC fund for a three-year programme to improve the retention in education and learning outcomes of girls in marginalised rural communities in Zimbabwe and Tanzania. SQW were appointed as the independent evaluators of the programme and contributed to the design of the evaluation approach and framework, the review and validation of data collection instruments, other research tools and methodologies, and the conduct of the value for money analyses.
  • Zambia: Camfed Zambia received funding from DFID, under the GEC fund, to introduce Colombia's Fundacion Escuela Nueva's (FEN) model of education support to Zambia. SQW was commissioned by Camfed Zambia to conduct a Value for Money assessment of the interventions and provide advice on both the development of a marginality index and the framework for conducting a predictive analysis of the Zambian Grade 5 Assessment results in relation to the national Grade 7 exam scores.