Evaluation of the National Literacy and National Numeracy Programmes

Client: Welsh Government

In 2013, SQW was commissioned by the Welsh Government to undertake an evaluation of the Welsh National Literacy and Numeracy Programmes (NLNP). These programmes, which were at the heart of the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) School Improvement Action Plan, aimed to produce a step-change in literacy and numeracy outcomes for children and young people.

The LNPs have three main themes:

  • raising achievement
  • improving educational standards
  • enhancing teaching practice.

Between 2013 and 2017, SQW undertook a mixed-methods evaluation of the programmes with two principal aims: how the NLNP has been interpreted and how the various activities related to the NLNP are being implemented. The Welsh Government were particularly interested in exploring changes in teaching practice, educational standards and pupils' skills.

The research design involved a detailed scoping phase and on-going consultations with stakeholders; a series of online surveys and telephone interviews with school leaders and practitioners; a series of in-depth case studies in a sample of schools across all sectors and analysis of pupil-level data from the National Pupil Database. The research design also included an impact study, involving an examination of the support programme (delivered initially by CfBT), an exploration of the use of web-based materials, and analyses of administrative data (including the NPD and programme-specific data).

The final report can be downloaded here.