Isabel Hampton

Location: London

Qualifications: BA Geography

I joined SQW in September 2019 after graduating from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Human Geography. I started as a Research Consultant and have since been promoted to a Consultant.

My motivation to apply to SQW stemmed from my final year dissertation, which examined the extent to which wider determinants of health – such as education, income, and access to green space – could account for inequalities in life expectancy across the 83 bus route in Sheffield. As part of this research I conducted a literature review, undertook GIS mapping and performed quantitative data analysis, eventually ending up with a set of policy recommendations designed to help Sheffield City Council tackle health inequalities in the city. I thoroughly enjoyed carrying out this research, and as a result had my eye out for graduate roles where I could utilise my analytical skills to achieve positive social impact. When I came across the Research Consultant role at SQW I did not hesitate to apply.

Since joining SQW, I have worked on a range of projects across the company’s core propositions. These have included: leading on the data analysis for the evaluation of the Greater Manchester Work and Health Programme (an employment support programme I first learnt about during a lecture at university!); writing a literature review and interviewing healthcare leaders for a project exploring approaches to service reconfiguration in the NHS; and running focus groups with representatives from university-centred innovation ecosystems in the UK and Europe to identify areas for mutual learning.  

Alongside the varied nature of the work, one of the best things about SQW is the people who work there: not only are they experts in their field but also a lovely bunch of individuals who are supportive of their colleagues and fun to be around. In the London Office we are known for our legendary annual Bake Off, our lockdown Bob Ross painting sessions, and our active office socials – curling at the Christmas Party in 2019 was great fun and I’m sure the upcoming axe-throwing social will not disappoint!