Review of the Northern Ireland industrial land market

Invest Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland's economic development agency, aims to grow the local economy. This is achieved through support for new and existing businesses to compete internationally, attract new inward investment, and stimulate a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Invest NI and its predecessor agencies have facilitated the development of industrial estates by acquiring land and creating development platforms and associated infrastructure such as access roads and drains. Invest NI currently holds the freehold of over 2,500 acres of industrial land across Northern Ireland, with the vast majority sold on long-term leaseholds to businesses.

Against the backdrop of changing economic conditions, SQW has been commissioned to undertake a market review and gap analysis of the Northern Ireland land market, in order to assess what role the agency should have within the industrial property market. The study involves consultations with stakeholders across Northern Ireland, a survey of supported businesses, and comparator research into industrial property market interventions elsewhere.