Evaluation of the London Work and Health Programmes 

SQW has been appointed by London local government to undertake the independent evaluation of the London Work and Health Programmes. Launched in Spring 2018, London will receive funding worth up to £135 million (including ESF match) over five years to support 50-55,000 long-term unemployed, disabled people and people with health conditions to seek employment. Participants will be referred to the programme up until 2022, when DWP will have the option of extending the programme for a further two years. Support will be available for a further 15 months after the last referral.

In order to ensure that the London Work and Health Programmes reflect the unique challenges and opportunities across the capital, and to enable more effective integration with local services, London's Work and Health Programmes will operate on a sub-regional basis – with groups of boroughs working together in strategic partnerships.

SQW's evaluation will run until December 2022, exploring the processes and support being implemented in each London sub-region. The evaluation will explore the Programmes' impact on participants' wellbeing, skills and employability, generating findings and learning for each sub-region as well learning on the overall coordination of the four Programmes. The evaluation will report annually, including recommendations to support the ongoing development of each sub-region's programme.