BBP Regeneration becomes part of SQW

I am delighted to announce that on 1st February 2019, BBP Regeneration (BBP) became part of SQW.

BBP is a specialist property consultancy with an outstanding track record in designing and delivering land and property-based regeneration schemes. Our new colleagues bring a wealth of experience in all stages of the regeneration process, from economic development strategies, feasibility studies and masterplanning, through to appraisal, funding, and delivery. This expertise will enable us to extend our offer to include development consultancy services. It will also enable us to contribute more fully to tackling two issues which we know are critical priorities for our clients, namely the delivery of housing and the physical regeneration of town centres.

SQW and BBP have worked together for many years. Twenty years ago, the two firms collaborated to develop the first Regional Economic Strategy for the South East. Much more recently, we have developed an economic strategy for Thanet and examined issues relating to grow-on space in Essex. Currently, we are working together in locations ranging from Wales to the Greater South East.

Throughout, SQW and BBP have sought to define the land and property solutions that are needed to help animate and unlock innovation and enterprise growth. Specific responses have varied – from feasibility studies for innovation centres to enterprise strategies for town centres, recognising the scale and significance of change in the High Street and the need for radically different solutions.

Alongside SQW and BBP, some of these projects have relied on the operational experience and insights of Oxford Innovation – SQW's sister company within SQW Group.

With BBP now part of SQW, we have a substantial depth of expertise to design, deliver and implement bespoke land and property solutions to the challenges and opportunities of place-based innovation and growth. Through their local industrial strategies and more broadly, we will support clients in responding directly to the UK's Industrial Strategy White Paper. We will help make places across the UK work better and achieve measurable (and at times transformational) local growth.

David Crichton-Miller, Chief Executive Officer, SQW Group