Improving the quality of work experience for school pupils

Work experience can have a liberating impact on school pupils, introducing them to jobs, sectors and career pathways that they might not otherwise encounter. It can help young people make decisions about their futures, ruling in (or out) possible routes after finishing school. However, accessing high quality work experience has tended to remain the preserve of pupils from more affluent backgrounds, and this trend has been compounded by a reliance on parents’ networks to set up work experience placements in the first place.

In this episode, SQW Director and podcast host Joe Duggett is joined by his colleague, Associate Director Will Millard, and Dr Elnaz Kashef, Head of Research and Policy at the national charity Speakers for Schools. Joe, Will and Elnaz discuss a recent report, written by SQW for Speakers for Schools, examining what international evidence says about best practice in delivering – and the potential impact of – work experience. The conversation covers:

  • Policy developments in career education policy
  • The challenges facing teachers, employers and policymakers in delivering effective work experience (and careers education more widely)
  • How work experience can be made practical and effective.