Research & Innovation and Place: lessons and opportunities for national and local policymakers

Research and innovation are recognised as crucial to economic growth, both nationally and increasingly, locally. However, there is a complex relationship between ‘research and innovation’ and ‘place’, which varies in different contexts. What are the lessons and opportunities for national and local policy responses?  And what is the link to the ‘levelling-up’ agenda?

Joining SQW Director and podcast host Joe Duggett to discuss these issues are Christine Doel and Rebecca Pates. The podcast covers issues including:

  • the increasing convergence of policy agendas across ‘research and innovation’ and ‘place’, and how this might influence local investments and behaviours
  • how areas can understand and exploit concepts of ‘stickiness’ and ’leakiness’, which help to explain the relationships between where ‘research and innovation’ activity takes places and where it actually generates benefits
  • the importance of local leadership, commitment, and sustained investment to realise place-based outcomes from ‘research and innovation’ activity.

Many of these issues are also discussed in our recent report for UKRI.