A look ahead to 2024 in economic and social development

What are the key themes, policy agendas and factors that will shape economic and social development in 2024? In this podcast, experts from SQW consider what the next twelve months might hold for health and social care, employment and skills, innovation and enterprise, and local economic growth. 

Joining SQW Director and podcast host Joe Duggett, are Lauren Roberts, Graham Thom, Osman Anwar and Christine Doel. The podcast considers:

  • the contextual and policy backdrop as we move into the new year, including key trends and on-going challenges that will influence those working in economic and social development over the next twelve months
  • the key themes and agendas that will shape policy debates and discussions, including in the context of a probable General Election in 2024
  • the opportunities presented by new or evolving initiatives, institutions, governance structures and ways of working, and how these may impact on public services, communities, businesses and places. ​​​