A look ahead to 2023 in economic and social development

What are the key policy developments, drivers or events that will shape economic and social development in 2023? And what are the key implications for people, places and businesses? SQW experts across a range of policy domains look ahead, in this first episode of Insight for Impact for the new year.

Joining SQW Director and podcast host Joe Duggett are Graham Thom, Lauren Roberts, Jonathan Cook, and Christine Doel. Spanning insights on employment and skills, and health and social care, to research and innovation, and the ‘levelling-up’ agenda, the podcast considers:

  • the challenges facing those involved in economic and social development as they navigate a changing policy agenda, against the backdrop of significant economic uncertainty and risk
  • the opportunities presented by new institutions, initiatives and agendas, from the formal launch of the Advanced Research and Invention Agency, to evolving models of public service delivery   
  • the balance between responding to short-term pressures and drivers, with the need to maintain a strategic approach to address long-term structural issues.