Strengthening the use of data analytics in adult social care

Effective use of data analytics within adult social care has the potential to revolutionise care services and experiences, but its use has been hampered by a lack of available high-quality data, alongside skills and capacity challenges within the sector. This podcast explores learning from our evaluation of the Health Foundation’s Strengthening Social Care Analytics (SSCA) programme, which focused on the use of data analytics to support improvements in adult social care.

Joining SQW Director and podcast host Joe Duggett are Lauren Roberts and Jane Meagher from SQW, who delivered the evaluation of SSCA. Also joining is Ellen Coughlan, the SSCA Programme Manager from the Health Foundation. The podcast explores:

  • The rationale and purpose of the SSCA programme, and details of the five funded projects which delivered initiatives aimed at improving the use of data analytics in adult social care
  • The emerging outcomes achieved through the projects’ implementation of data analytics initiatives
  • The contributing factors which supported projects to deliver their initiatives, and achieve the outcomes identified.