1. Final Evaluation of the Integrated Family Support Service
    Apr 2014

    The Integrated Family Support Service (IFSS) programme in Wales is focused on supporting families with complex needs, where a child/children can be at risk as a result of parental substance misuse problems. SQW led a three year evaluation of the programme.
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  2. Teleworking: the Heat is On
    Feb 2014

    Increased teleworking will cut carbon emissions from commuting. But there’s a big ‘rebound’ effect: increasing emissions from domestic heating.
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  3. The Pareto Principle: The Importance of the Vital Few in Business Support Programmes
    Nov 2013

    The 80-20 Pareto rule has been applied widely to highlight the importance of the 'vital few', for example in quality control. In this think-piece, we test the rule in the benefits from business and innovation support programmes.
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  4. Retail Futures and the Role of Town Centres
    Oct 2013

    The retailing sector is undergoing profound change, with implications for the future of the centres of our towns and cities. As with all such shifts, there will be winners and losers as we discuss in this original SQW article.
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  5. Publications Archive
    Dec 2011

    Archive of our previous Insights and Publications
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