1. Evaluation of the Invest to Save Fund
    May 2014

    The Welsh Government has published SQW's evaluation of the Invest to Save Fund. The Fund provides financial support, on a competitive and repayable basis, to public service organisations to implement strategic improvement projects.
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  2. Final Evaluation of the Integrated Family Support Service
    Apr 2014

    The Integrated Family Support Service (IFSS) programme in Wales is focused on supporting families with complex needs, where a child/children can be at risk as a result of parental substance misuse problems. SQW led a three year evaluation of the programme.
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  3. The Pareto Principle: The Importance of the Vital Few in Business Support Programmes
    Nov 2013

    The 80-20 Pareto rule has been applied widely to highlight the importance of the 'vital few', for example in quality control. In this think-piece, we test the rule in the benefits from business and innovation support programmes.
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  4. Publications Archive
    Dec 2011

    Archive of our previous Insights and Publications
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