January 2018

Birkbeck College, University of London Stratford Campus: Options Review

London's East End is changing; new employers, housing, transport and people have transformed the area since Birkbeck College, University of London first offered their programmes at Stratford in 2006 and since the new building in University Square Stratford opened in 2013. This expansion was an important part of the College's strategy to reach into communities that had not yet benefited from access to higher education, opening the door for many people who have lived in the area for generations, as well as more recent arrivals. The College remains fully committed to its principles and values, and to supporting its students wherever they are located.

The Birkbeck Campus at University Square Stratford has now been offering learning opportunities for nearly ten years. Over this time, the environment, economy and demography around the Campus has changed, as has the higher education market. With this in mind, SQW has been commissioned to review the role of the Campus at Stratford (and its contribution to the University's offer) and to reconsider how it might help the College achieve its mission by 2023 (Birkbeck's 200th anniversary) and beyond. Building on previous work undertaken for the College in 2005 to build evidence and support decision making for the Campus, the study will explore the socio-economic context of the area and the place for Birkbeck in new and emerging markets.

For more information about the study, please contact Christine Doel at SQW.