1. Evaluation of the Knowledge Transfer, Innovation and Advisory Service delivered through Farming Connect
    May 2018

    SQW has been commissioned to evaluate the Knowledge Transfer, Innovation and Advisory Service delivered through Farming Connect on behalf of the Welsh Government in 2018/19. SQW's evaluation will assess the effectiveness and efficiency of implementation, outcomes and impacts, and identify learning around what works to inform and improve future delivery and design.
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  2. Call for Evidence: Arts Council England, International Higher Education Collaboration Research
    Apr 2018

    Arts Council England has commissioned SQW to undertake research into the potential for closer collaboration between ACE partner organisations and English higher education institutions (HEIs) on international issues. The first part of this research involves an evidence gathering exercise to help establish the existing relationships between ACE partner organisations and HEIs, and the focus, and drivers, of these relationships.
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  3. Remembering Chris Green
    Feb 2018

    It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Chris Green, one of SQW’s most long standing, respected and admired people. After a remarkably healthy and active life, Chris became ill in the middle of 2017, and he passed away in February 2018. For a period of over 30 years, he had been a vital figure in the life of SQW.
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  4. Evaluation of Developing the Young Workforce Regional Groups
    Jan 2018

    SQW has been appointed by the Scottish Government to evaluate the effectiveness of the Developing Young Workforce (DYW) Regional Groups through in-depth exploration of what is working well and where challenges remain in four of these. The four groups that the study will focus on are: Ayrshire; Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian; Inverness and Central Highland; and North East.
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