1. Update Report from the Lyons Housing Commission
    Feb 2016

    SQW Group's Chairman, Sir Michael Lyons, has announced a further set of recommendations to deliver the sustained increase in house building needed to tackle the nation's housing challenges. While welcoming the Government's commitment to building more homes, the 12 Commissioners argue that more needs to be done.
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  2. Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review
    Jan 2016

    SQW has been commissioned to lead a high-profile Independent Economic Review (IER) of the Northern Powerhouse, the UK Government's flagship policy agenda to realise the prosperity and productive potential of the North of England.
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  3. Are good schools associated with high quality provision in particular subjects?
    Dec 2015

    Arts Council England (ACE) commissioned SQW to provide a baseline analysis and methodology for assessing the frequency and nature of school inspector comments on arts and cultural education in relation to school inspection outcomes. The approach developed by SQW could be used to investigate these relationships for other subject areas.
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  4. Impact assessment of Warner Bros Studios
    Oct 2015

    Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden is one of the most important centres of the UK’s film industry. Warner Bros. commissioned SQW to carry out an impact analysis that will help the Studios in its next major phase of development.
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