Best Practice Review: Effective Policy Frameworks for the Organisation of Career Guidance Services

SQW, in partnership with the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGs) at the University of Derby, has been commissioned by the Skills Funding Agency to deliver a Best Practice Programme for the National Careers Service in England. The intention is for this to be firmly based on national and international evidence of 'what works' in the effective delivery of career guidance services. To this end, a series of best practice literature reviews were carried out and form a key part of the underpinning evidence base for the programme.

The first four papers from the review covering best practice in delivering customer satisfaction; career management skills; progression to positive work and learning destinations; and effective brokerage between education and employers were published earlier this year. They are available to download from the following link:

The fifth and final paper focused on the role of public policy in shaping career guidance and establishing a system within which individuals can access career support. Governments are critical to career guidance primarily as funders of the activity, but also importantly as regulators, coordinators and agents of system change. The paper reviewed the evidence base on career guidance and public policy, exploring the rationales for public policy involvement in the field, different models and systems and key issues that underpin successful system design. It highlights a number of key issues for policy makers to consider in the design and development of a world class guidance system.

The final report is available to download from the following link: