July 2017

Extension of the Evaluation of the Sutton Homes of Care Vanguard

Sutton Homes of Care is one of the high profile Vanguards developing new models of care for the NHS. SQW evaluated Homes of Care in partnership with the Social Institute for Excellence in 2016/17 and has been asked to extend the evaluation to the final year of the Vanguard in 2017/18.

The final year evaluation involves working with the client to establish a theory of change and logic models for the interventions, agreeing the research approach and building capacity to identify and collect metrics among local partners.

The research will involve gathering outcome data from carers and families through focus groups and an online and paper survey, an online and paper staff survey, discussion groups with care home managers, consultations with strategic stakeholders and staff from partner organisations, and collecting secondary and economic data. Using the quantitative and qualitative data, the evaluation will examine the impact of the programme and related savings.

If you would like to know more about the evaluation please contact Graham Thom

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