January 2018

Evaluation of Developing the Young Workforce Regional Groups

The Scottish Government has established a series of Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Regional Groups to help bridge the gap between education and employers, with the aim of improving young people's transitions from education into employment. A total of 21 Regional Groups have been established across Scotland. They aim to provide leadership and a single point of contact and support to facilitate increased engagement between employers and education providers, particularly schools and colleges. The Groups have different membership profiles, are operating in different contexts and have taken distinctive approaches to delivering DYW activity. However, they are each required to demonstrate:

  • Private sector leadership
  • High level buy-in from regional partners
  • A commitment to engage with a wider range of employers
  • Capacity by the board to steer the day to day work of the executive
  • Control and accountability for the use of the Scottish Government resources.

SQW has been appointed by the Scottish Government to evaluate the effectiveness of the DYW Regional Groups through in-depth exploration of what is working well and where challenges remain in four of these. It is primarily a formative exercise designed to capture lessons to inform the next phase of development of the Regional Groups, as well as wider policy aimed at addressing youth unemployment. The four groups that the study will focus on are: Ayrshire; Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian; Inverness and Central Highland; and North East. The work will involve surveys, consultations and workshops with employers, schools and regional / national stakeholders. The findings will result in recommendations for improvement nationally (not just within the four regions).

For more information about the evaluation, please contact Graham Thom at SQW.