RMRyan Macindoe

Location: Manchester

Qualifications: Bachelor of Planning (Honours), AssocRTPI

I joined the SQW Land and Property team as a Managing Consultant in mid-2019, after experience as a senior planning consultant in Sydney, Australia. What attracted me about SQW was the variety of interesting projects, the high calibre of senior staff to learn from, and the responsibility to lead the design, management and delivery of projects.

I have the opportunity to work on projects which shape the regeneration and development towns, cities and regions. The SQW Land and Property team do this though: developing strategies and delivery plans to support regeneration interventions; undertaking development appraisals, feasibility studies, and market assessments; and preparing HMT Green Book compliant business cases, economic appraisals, and economic impact assessments.

I am currently managing a strategic housing delivery study on behalf of nine local authorities in the Midlands. This project involves future thinking underpinned by robust and bespoke housing market research methods in order to recommend how the local authorities can adapt and intervene to encourage an acceleration of housing delivery. I am also managing a community led options appraisal of multiple housing estates in the Isle of Dogs. This involves appraising a series of redevelopment options in collaboration with existing residents, the housing provider and the design team. As you can see from just two project examples, we work on a wide breadth of interesting projects so there is never a dull moment.

All staff are encouraged to contribute to business planning and development which shapes the way we operate and do business. This opportunity is rarely afforded within consulting firms, so it's a great chance to develop skills and knowledge in how professional services firms are managed and administered. Once a year all staff from the London, Manchester and Edinburgh offices convene for the annual Away Day involving business planning activities and a series of fun events which build and strengthen internal connections and relationships between the various people in different offices. Because SQW provides a range of different services and has many leading experts in different topic areas, the Away Day is a great chance to understand what others do to enhance the way I operate as a consultant. It's also a lot of fun and provides a chance to visit and explore a new place.