Tom Boothroyd

Location: Manchester

Qualifications: BA Economics and Politics, MSc International Development

I joined SQW as a Research Consultant in 2021 after completing an MSc at the University of Manchester and two years of experience in management consulting.

Having worked in management consulting for private sector organisations, the scope and real-world impact of the company’s work is what drew me to apply for the role at SQW. Since I started as a Research Consultant I have worked on a variety of projects across the company’s expertise areas of health, spatial development and innovation. These have included conducting consultations with artists and creative practitioners for evaluations of Arts Council programmes, a literature review and survey analysis for a review of the Maternity Voices Partnerships for NHS England, and building an economic profile of Greater Manchester for the refreshed Independent Economic Review of the Northern Powerhouse. Such projects demonstrate the real potential of our work to impact policy, whether that be relating to the economic development of the North, financial support for artists, or ensuring service user voices are heard within a maternity care setting.

I have particularly enjoyed the variety of interesting work that is on offer - both in terms of the subject matter and the activities themselves - which can see me conducting interviews, designing surveys, analysing economic data, making GIS maps and much more, often all in the same week! As a research consultant I have been exposed to a huge amount of activity from the outset which keeps the role interesting, and provides a steep but rewarding learning curve. SQW’s structure means that you are able to specify which projects you are most interested in, allowing you to match your project work to your interests.

The SQW team is really friendly and supportive, and colleagues are eager to share their wealth of experience and expertise. Project managers and mentors are keen to ensure you are offered real opportunities for professional development early on, such as managing particular aspects of projects, and being involved in client meetings.