MCMegan Cordwell

Location: Manchester

Qualifications: BA Geography (University of Liverpool)

I joined SQW in September 2019 after completing my BA in Geography at the University of Liverpool. During my degree, I gained experience in both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, and developed a particular interest in population health. As a result, I completed my dissertation on how the UK's ageing population was affecting the NHS. Alongside my studies, I worked as a care-support worker on hospital wards, which further accelerated my interest in the subject. My attraction to SQW was that I could put these skills into real-world situations and directly contribute to social and economic development.

Working at SQW has allowed me to further develop my interest in healthcare issues, and I have already contributed to high profile projects for clients such as NHS England and Health Education England. Alongside this, a highlight for me has been the ability to work across areas that I am less familiar with and learn more about them. For example, I'm working on the evaluation of a university project to transfer knowledge to the shellfish industry, which has been extremely rewarding in terms of my knowledge and skills development.

As well as building my knowledge, the Research Consultant Development Programme has meant I am involved in a variety of training sessions which have developed my skills and allowed me to be much more confident in undertaking project work. I have already had training on conducting literature reviews, interview techniques and questionnaire design, as well as on software such as MAXQDA and ArcGIS. In November I attended the SQW Away Day, which gave me the opportunity to meet staff from other offices, whilst learning about the business as a whole. This was invaluable in allowing me to build working relationships with staff from across the company, and thus work with them effectively on a variety of projects.