Josh Stevens

Location: Edinburgh

Qualifications: MA Economics and MSc Economic Development (both University of Glasgow)

I joined SQW as a Research Consultant in March 2021 after completing an MSc in Economic Development at the University of Glasgow. Although my course had an international focus, many components of it have been important for my work at SQW. Prior to joining SQW I had volunteered for a company in Australia to support their CSR projects in entrepreneurship and sanitation. However, SQW was my first graduate level job.

I was drawn to SQW by the areas of expertise the company has and the varied nature of its work. I have a broad range of interests in the economic and public policy sphere which the Research Consultant role has helped me to pursue, as reflected in the projects I have been involved with since joining. In my first year I have worked on projects across innovation, spatial development, health and education. These include an interim evaluation of the British Patient Capital programme, an evaluation of the North of Tyne Investment Fund, a scoping exercise to support the introduction of a green internships programme, a research project on how R&D and innovation drive economic growth, and an evaluation of an NHS entrepreneurship programme.

Research Consultants will often use different tools to help in their work. For quantitative methods I have been using STATA, whilst qualitative tasks have used Smart Survey, MaxQDA and ArcGIS for map making – with the training provided by the company in these techniques proving particularly useful. Finally, the team at SQW are very supportive and approachable, taking the time to provide help where needed and ensure your personal development plays a significant part in your experience at the company.