Post-16 Personalisation Pilot for Young Learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

Client: East Sussex County Council

For East Sussex County Council, we were commissioned to provide expert support to set-up and implement a post-16 personalisation pilot for young learners with LDD (Learning Difficulties and Disabilities). 

The work, which was undertaken in conjunction with the Council for Disabled Children, sought to further the Council's Raising Participation Age related work and to test the use of the Young People's Learning Agency draft Learning for Living and Work Framework, which was intended to support young people with special educational needs and disabilities from Year 9 at school in their transition onto their next step through the use of a person-centred planning approach.

The work involved consultations with strategic and operational leads from the County Council and Health Services and education providers (including further education and special schools), and resulted in the production of an action plan detailing how more personalised services could be delivered in East Sussex.