Triangle_for_LAs_3.jpgWe offer services in economic and social development across a broad range of areas - from research to inform policy design, through to case-making and implementation, and evaluating the lessons to be learnt in order to improve outcomes

Economic & Social Research

  • Analysis on economic and social development - from how local economies work, to improving public services >>  

Policy Research & Development

  • Analysis to inform the development and implementation of public policy interventions and programmes >>

Project Development, Appraisal & Business Planning

  • Advice on the demand, costs, benefits and implementation of economic and social development projects and programmes >>

Impact Assessment

  • Assessing the economic and social impacts of policies, programmes, events and assets >>

Strategy & Action Planning

  • Developing evidence-based strategies and action plans for places, sectors and organisations in the UK and internationally >> 


  • Understanding how interventions were implemented, what effects they had, for whom, how and why >>

Organisation & Partnership Development

  • Supporting organisations to understand and respond to the challenges they face and the options they have >>