Sust_Productivity.jpgEvaluation of the Sustainable Productivity Programme in Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland (INI) has recently published SQW's evaluation of the first two years of the Sustainable Productivity Programme (SPP).

SPP was designed to improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of businesses in Northern Ireland through identifying and realising cost saving opportunities relating to materials, water and energy; also through the promotion of business opportunities in sustainable energy supply chains.

SPP comprises four separate but related projects: an Energy Efficiency Loan Fund managed by the Carbon Trust; a Resource Efficiency Capital Grant administered by INI; Industrial Symbiosis support delivered by International Synergies Ltd; Project Management Support delivered by INI Technical Advisors with external consultants brought in to undertake Resource Efficiency Audits and Technical Consultancy projects.

We assessed net economic impact, value for money and fit with other business-facing initiatives in Northern Ireland through desk research, stakeholder interviews and a business survey, including beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries. Our findings on SPP's role and operations were strongly positive: we recommended that the Programme should continue beyond March 2015, with some suggestions aimed at improving its effectiveness further, through a clearer focus and branding, and some suggested changes to its delivery.

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