Invest_to_Save_-_Comp.jpgEvaluation of the Invest to Save Fund

Client: The Welsh Government

The Invest to Save Fund is a Welsh Government initiative that provides financial support, on a competitive and repayable basis, to public service organisations across Wales. The Fund supports the implementation of strategic improvement projects and aims to deliver cash releasing and wider efficiency savings, whilst ensuring effective and improved citizen-centred public services.

The Welsh Government has now published SQW's independent evaluation of the Fund covering its first six funding rounds from 2009-2012, and involving investment of approaching £60m in over 50 individual improvement projects. The purpose of the evaluation was to:

  • estimate the savings generated by individual Invest to Save projects, and to provide an estimate of aggregate savings
  • assess the impact of the Fund
  • establish the degree of additionality provided by the Fund.

The findings of the evaluation are positive: the Fund has supported good projects, to do valuable things, and delivered a wide range of benefits, including cash releasing savings, exhibiting additionality, and making substantive progress towards delivery against its overarching aims and objectives. The evaluation also included in-depth case study research with Invest to Save projects to capture and disseminate wider learning.

Download main report here

Download case study report here

For further information regarding the study please contact Joe Duggett.