Pers_4_compressed.jpgNational Evaluation of the Common Assessment Framework for Adults Demonstrator Site Programme

Client: Department of Health

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) for Adults sought to improve joint working and information sharing (often through IT) between a wide range of health and social care disciplines in several parts of England.  It was expected that this sharing would contribute to improving the personalisation of service design and delivery.

SQW led a consortium undertaking the national evaluation of the CAF for Adult Demonstrator sites for the Department for Health.  The research used a 'co-production' approach involving Demonstrator sites, the Putting People First team and the Department of Health.

The evaluation used a multiple case study design, which was informed by an overarching research framework and involved both qualitative and quantitative research methods.  It highlighted a range of enabling factors and barriers to be addressed at national and local level.