Inno_12_compressed.jpgEvaluations of the Creative Business Mentoring and Games Mentoring Programmes

Client: Nesta

The Creative Business Mentoring and Games Mentoring Programmes were established by Nesta to address challenges faced by businesses working within the creative industries sectors.

SQW was commissioned by Nesta to undertake an evaluation of the pilot period of the two programmes to identify the benefits generated, overall early impact and key lessons to inform ongoing delivery. The study also involved working with Nesta to establish a "Gold Standard" for mentoring best practice through a systematic review of literature and case studies of the two pilots.  This Gold Standard was developed through the specific experiences of the games and creative sectors, with wider application to other innovative businesses. 

Following the completion of the pilot evaluation, we was commissioned to evaluate the second year of the Creative Business Mentoring Network.  This work involved interviews with all the companies that participated in the programme over the first two years, with analysis undertaken to establish the changes that the companies implemented during the programme and the impact that these changes had on their business performance.

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