SPStella Pipping

Location: Manchester

Qualifications: MA Economics (University of Manchester), BSc Economics (Manchester Metropolitan University)

I joined SQW's Manchester office in September 2018 after completing a Masters in Economics at the University of Manchester. During my degree I developed a particular interest in applied economic analysis, including how to place a monetary value on green space, and different evaluation methods. The opportunity to apply my knowledge of economic theory in real world situations was what attracted me to SQW. Working here allows me to make a direct contribution to both local and national economic and social development.

Since joining SQW I have provided research support including data analysis, literature reviews, and consultations, on a wide range of projects covering SQW's four areas of expertise. I have been able to apply my statistical knowledge on various projects, including the evaluation of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, for which I am using Stata to analyse survey results. In addition, I have developed my knowledge of appraisal and evaluation methods. For example, I am currently involved in developing the economic case for a proposed £40m high street revival programme where I have been able to use my knowledge of non-market valuation methods. I am also involved in the evaluations of the Liverpool and Cardiff City Region devolved investment funds, where I am responsible for qualitative analysis of consultations with key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors.

The Research Consultant Development Programme offers great opportunities for personal and knowledge development and has been useful in giving me the skills to work across SQW's diverse areas of expertise. I have already been trained to use the map making software ArcGIS Pro, undertake different types of literature reviews, design surveys, conduct interviews, and more. Research Consultants from all three offices attend these training sessions, which is a great way of meeting people from across the company. We also work on cross-office projects which is great for sharing knowledge and learning from colleagues across SQW.