Rhona MurrayRhona Murray RC

Location: Edinburgh

Qualifications: MSc Sociology and Migration (University of Amsterdam), MA International Relations (University of St Andrews)

I joined SQW’s Edinburgh office in September 2017 after completing a Masters in Sociology and Migration at the University of Amsterdam. Through my degree, I studied policy and programme evaluation and the historical, legal and socio-economic dynamics of migration. Prior to undertaking my postgraduate studies, I worked as a policy officer at the Scottish Government, focusing on equality policies. Joining SQW offered me the opportunity to pursue my interest in evaluation methods and to continue working in a Scottish policy environment.

As a Research Consultant at SQW I’ve been able to develop my technical knowledge of evaluation practices. There is a wide range of internal training available including sessions on conducting appraisals, monitoring projects, undertaking evaluations and economic impact assessments. Over the course of my first year at SQW, I developed these skills further by working on economic impact assessments, an evaluation of the Scottish Government’s Developing the Young Workforce programme and our evaluation of the Glasgow City Region Infrastructure Fund.

SQW size and structure means it’s natural for Research Consultants to work with colleagues at all levels from across our different offices, and develop professionally as we ‘learn on the job.’ Research Consultants are encouraged to work across different policy areas and make a valuable contribution to projects from the beginning. Shadowing consultants at client meetings, attending stakeholder consultations and creating surveys are all experiences you can expect in your first year here.